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Credit Monitors

Technology has become a huge part of our everyday lives. With the huge growth in technology, there has also been a huge growth in identity theft. Identity theft has become so bad that many banks recommend you personally check your credit report at least twice per year just to make sure everything looks good and clean. For those of us who don’t want the duty of monitoring and looking out for identity theft, there are plenty of excellent credit monitoring services out there who can do this for you. Credit monitoring companies have become extremely popular because they help catch identity theft the second it happens. Rather than just checking your credit once or twice per year – These credit monitors will keep a constant watch over things. If anything ever looks suspicious or fraudulent then you are contacted immediately. While these services aren’t usually free – They are well worth the investment because your personal information is your life and there is really no price that can be put on that. Speak with anyone who has been a victim to identity theft and they will tell you that monitoring and watching for it is everything. Have a look over some of the most well known credit monitoring services below and setup your own monitoring service today!

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LifeLock Fast and Easy Registration!
IdentityGuard Great Customer Service!
Costco ID Protect For Costco Members Only!
CreditKarma FREE Credit Monitoring!
Citi(R) IdentityMonitor(R) Services by CitiBank!
ExperianDirect Services by Experian!