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About Us

Credit.BZ is a website created by financial professionals who specialize in credit and debt relief. The purpose of this website is to provide visitors with knowledgeable information and helpful tips about their credit scores and how to increase them. Our website isn’t only targeted towards those with bad or no credit – We have a number of excellent tips and strategies to help even those with good credit ratings. Read over the short biographies of our website authors below and learn why our website is one of the hottest credit related websites on the internet today!

John – John has over 15 years of experience as a debt collector. In that time he spent hours speaking with people in different financial situations and he knows the ropes when he comes to speaking with collection agencies. John plays a valuable role in writing all of our content related to debt and debt collection.

Samantha – Samantha (who likes to go by Sam) previously worked for one of the top major credit companies in the United States. She knows everything there is to know about credit ratings and reports. Sam writes wonderful articles related to credit reports and ratings. She is also the one person to speak with if you ever have a question regarding your credit score and how it gets determined.

Phil – Phil is relatively new to the industry. He has extensive experience working in bank environments and dealing with loans. Phil plays an important role when contributing his expertise about mortgages, loans, interest rates, and similar topics.

All of the content produced through our website is completely original and written by one of the financial experts above. If you ever need to find good advice on credit or debt, CREDIT.BZ should be your only trusted source!